Who We Are

We are a team focussed on understanding books and their communities

imageWe are a close-knit team of researchers and publishing industry practitioners working together to help realise the possibilities of digital technology and Open Access for specialist scholarly books and the communities that care about them. Knowledge Unlatched Research is headed up by Associate Professor Lucy Montgomery.

Although KU Research is working closely with Knowledge Unlatched we operate independently – with our own Executive Board, research agenda and international team.

Some members of the team were involved in the founding of the original Knowledge Unlatched initiative, which continues to help libraries and publishers to work together to create sustainable routes to OA for scholarly books (and now journals) while securing cost savings for their own institutions. Knowledge Unlatched was spearheaded by Dr Frances Pinter and is now scaling.

Knowledge Unlatched Research is taking this vision a step further: bringing together specialist researchers located within Universities with librarians, publishers, and open access practitioners. Together we are pursuing a thoughtful, engaged and critical research agenda that builds on the large-scale data relating to OA books that is becoming available as OA monograph initiatives scale. Our partners include the Centre for Culture and Technology at Curtin University, University of Michigan Library, Queensland University of Technology, OPERAS, and (of course) Knowledge Unlatched.

Our team includes university-based researchers working at the cutting edge of big data and social media analytics; as well as researchers engaging with challenges of OA policy, governance and regulation, the economics of scholarly communication, and open knowledge. We are partnering with publishers and intermediaries to tackle the practical challenges of gathering, interpreting and using data about OA books.

We are involved with major international research projects like OPERAS-D. And we are looking for new projects and partners interested in understanding specialist scholarly books and the communities that write, publish, share, and use these important knowledge resources.