Our Vision

The clear vision for Knowledge Unlatched Research

image Our vision is for frictionless OA and a sustainable world for foster knowledge creation and communication. Our main contribution to this vision is to enable the key players to make the best decisions possible to foster OA.

This vision will be achieved by facilitating global, community-driven, problem-focused research. We are committed to working with the research, publishing and library communities to create open, sustainable and inclusive scholarly communications for the humanities and social sciences globally through:

  • Generating new knowledge about open access and its role;
  • Creating new tools to exploit the potential of networked digital technologies and practical interventions in scholarly communication systems.

Our strategy is to partner with like-minded researchers and practitioners, and to find ways to fund research that we care about. Working with both commissioned (consultancy) projects and grant-funded projects.

Our tactics are to:

  • Develop an open source system for the aggregation, governance, analysis, and communication of ebook usage stats, starting but not ending with OA;
  • Provide briefings on what is happening in the UK, Europe, Australia, Asia and the US on the OA monograph front;
  • Bring industry partners together to create standards for ingesting OA content and clearly communicating that it is OA.

To undertake these tactics we are:

  • Building relationships with the right people;
  • Delivering commissioned projects and build credibility;
  • Creating a space for others to join us, work and grow.

This vision will:

  • Develop and encourage further partnerships;
  • Build our database with comparative findings;
  • Encourage publishers to increase access to monographs and participate in OA programmes in the developing world.