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Knowledge Unlatched Research information for Research Funders

imageKnowledge Unlatched Research is fully committed to helping to build a digital knowledge landscape that is fair, transparent and effective – including through Open Access.

Developing and piloting business models that make Open Access publishing practical and sustainable for research communities is part of this.

Our team was behind the conceptualisation, development and successful launch of Knowledge Unlatched. It includes veteran publisher and social entrepreneur Dr Frances Pinter, and university-based researchers from the fields of IP & Innovation, Big Data, Social Media Analytics and Scholarly Communication. We are supported by a highly-skilled board, and benefit from connections with key players in the OA arena and publishing.

Knowledge Unlatched Research is ready and willing to help research funders to engage with the opportunities and challenges of developing new approaches to understanding the use of Open Access books at web-scale; and to supporting the knowledge-creating communities of tomorrow.

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