Knowledge Unlatched Research information for Publishers

imageClose to 70 publishers from around the world are now helping to make books Open Access via Knowledge Unlatched. Knowledge Unlatched Research has been helping the publishers making books Open Access via Knowledge Unlatched to make the most of their involvement in the program by delivering high quality data on the uses of their OA books.

Access to this data is helping publishers to gain a better understanding of the benefits of making books OA. Insights into where books are being downloaded and how a book is performing in an open and networked digital landscape are a vital source of business intelligence for publishers. This kind of information is also key to ensuring that publishers are able to communicate the value of OA strategies within their organizations and to the authors that they work with.

Our collaborations with platforms disseminating OA books, as well as with research communities developing new approaches to understanding the data that OA books generate, has allowed us to develop meaningful multi-metric analysis. This includes geolocational data, as well as deep-dive interrogations of social media and promotion activity data specific to individual presses, platforms and projects.

An example of the type of work that we do for publishers is the UCL Press Usage Study. This study explored usage data and social media data associated with the OA books published by UCL Press during its first full year of operation. The journal article that arose from the study maps out the value of a thoughtful approach to capturing and exploring usage data for presses making books available in OA.

We are currently completing a study for University of Michigan Press, Cornell University Press, University of California Press and UCL Press with the figures coming from the recently launched JSTOR Open platform.

If you would like to commission a study on your own titles please contact

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