Research Themes

Current Kmowledge Unlatched Research themes

Research Themes

KU Research projects are organised into the following two broad themes:

Theme 1: Policy and Practice

  • ‘State of the field’ reports,
  • Tracking funding trends internationally. Understanding how OA is impacting on processes of knowledge creation, diffusion and application. OA “bookwatch” is an example KU Research is currently involved in developing. A state of the field and outlook series for the world, potentially issuing a national policy rating.

Theme 2: Data and Analytics

  • Usage data aggregation and analytics, focused on OA books in the first instance
  • Tools and services
  • Context and benchmarking. KU’s current focus, aligned with the ethical aspects of open access, is on contributing to the development of open source tools.

We cover a number of research areas, including:

    OA impact assessment
    OA usage neasurement
    Statistics and data on usage
    Usage measurement
    Details of information flow
    Stats dashboards
    Research Tools
    Download measurements
    Studies of social media activity
    Usage data agregated information
    OA books usage data analytics