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imageKU Research8 January 2018: Frances Pinter is stepping down from her position as executive director of KU Research

Frances Pinter's successor will be Cameron Neylon, former advocacy director of PLOS and currently Professor of Research Communication at the Centre for Culture and Technology. Neylon divides his time between his home in Bath and his office at Curtin University in Perth, Australia. Read the Press Release


imageKU ResearchJanuary 2018: Slides from Frances Pinter’s Australian Lecture Tour

Open Access and Books: Applying an International Lens. During a recent lecture tour of Australia Frances Pinter was asked to circulate her slides. These are now available here

‘It’s always such a great pleasure to visit Australia where there is interest and lively debate on how to best support OA for books’, said Frances upon returning home to the UK.
View the slide presentation

imageKU ResearchDecember 2017: Surveying the Scalability of Open Access Monograph Initiatives: Final Report

The University of Michigan Press ran this project using data from KU and with the KU Research team working alongside.

The study contributes to a better understanding of how Open Access for books may be taken forward in a sustainable manner in the future. Read the Press Release

imageKU ResearchOctober 2017: KU Research publishes Exploring Usage of Open Access Books Via the JSTOR Platform

Report Sponsors: UCL Press, University of Michigan Press, Cornell University Press, University of California Press.
This report is the outcome of research commissioned and funded by four presses. It engages with usage data made available by JSTOR relating to OA books. Read Press Release

Open Access October 2017: KU Research is pleased to have taken a lead role in this groundbreaking Landscape Study

The report builds on i.a. 73 in-depth conversations, conducted across eight different countries (Denmark, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Norway and Austria) to understand current developments among three stakeholder groups: Publishers, Funders and Libraries. The importance of author attitudes, scholarly reward and incentive systems is also raised throughout the study by numerous interviewees. Read more


Open AccessAugust 2017: Open Access looks set to shake up the humanities and social sciences book landscape for the better

A little over three years ago, the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the British Library set out to explore what the 'Academic Book of the Future’ might look like, in the context of open access publishing and the digital revolution. A project team including researchers from King's College London and University College London collaborated with academics, libraries, publishers and book-sellers to understand perspectives and pinpoint key developments. Full story


imageKU ResearchJuly 2017: A base at the University of Michigan Library

Making access to knowledge more equal has been the driving force behind KU. But, as we all know, getting there is hard and flipping business models into something new and sustainable to achieve lofty goals was never going to be easy. Knowledge Unlatched Research is pleased to be making a small contribution to better understanding how books are used and how in the digital age we can harness the power of knowledge and make it available to all. Full story

KU Research
There are always concerns whether a university library is investing in the right content. A project initially set up for Knowledge Unlatched by the KU Research team.
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