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imageWe know that libraries like Open Access. However, we also understand that libraries are being asked to support more and more OA projects; and that they have limited funds.

Our goal at KU Research is to help libraries to understand how their investments in OA books are benefiting their constituencies. High-quality data about how communities engage with OA books is vital to the capacity of libraries to make informed decisions about the best way to support OA projects that help them to deliver value to the communities that they serve.

KU Research is working to find better ways to track how Open Access books are being used, and to develop simple, easy-to-understand approaches to usage reporting for libraries, authors and publishers.

We are also collaborating with the University of Michigan Library, and working with researchers like Dr Chris Barnes to understand the value-proposition that OA presents for libraries, and the innovations that are likely to improve the OA ecosystem in the future.

A report on the Scalability of OA Monographs in the Humanities and Social Sciences by Dr Christopher Barnes can be found here. His poster for ALA summer 2017 is here. An article is forthcoming soon.

If you would like to collaborate with Knowledge Unlatched Research on a project we would love to hear from you.

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