Knowledge Unlatched

About Knowledge Unlatched

Knowledge Unlatched Knowledge Unlatched is building a sustainable market where scholarly books and journals are freely accessible for each and every reader around the world.

Knowledge Unlatched believes that by working together libraries and publishers can create a sustainable route to Open Access for scholarly books. Our aim is to secure long-term cost savings for institutions by sharing the costs of making HSS monographs available on a Creative Commons licence.

By taking part in Knowledge Unlatched libraries can help to ensure that good books and journals continue to be published and that the core outputs of the humanities and social sciences are not left behind in the shift to Open Access. Authors will be able to connect more effectively with audiences that value their research and ideas. Readers from all over the world will have free access to high-quality works. And publishers will gain access to funding to support peer-reviewed Open Access publishing for books and journals.

Knowledge Unlatched is based in Berlin.
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Knowledge Unlatched Research is a separate and independent research and analysis group focusing on strategy and analytics that support the ecosystem of scholarly monographs. Working with publishers, libraries and platforms, KU Research delivers state of the art strategic and landscape analysis to inform the community as a whole and is supportive of the aims of Knowledge Unlatched.