Knowledge Unlatched Research information for Authors

imageKU Research is working to improve information about how and where Open Access (OA) books is being used and making that information available to authors.

We are collaborating with researchers working at the cutting edge of social media analytics, big data and machine learning to explore questions that research communities care about: including what happens once a book has been made open access.

As the key outputs of Humanities and Social Science research are made OA, new possibilities for mapping and exploring relationships between researchers and the communities that benefit from their work are also emerging.

Knowledge Unlatched is helping researchers, as well as the libraries, publishers and platforms that support them, to understand who reads OA specialist scholarly books, how readers find the books that they are interested in, and how digital technology, social media and online learning can increase the visibility of long-form scholarship.

In doing so, we are providing authors, publishers and platforms with key information that will help them to ensure that the books that they care about are visible and discoverable in complex digital landscapes: maximizing the chances that knowledge will be able to connect with communities who value it, and ensuring that authors understand the many ways that they can use and promote their own OA books.

For some interviews with authors please see Author Experiences.

We’d like to hear from authors about how Open Access has helped reach your goals, so if you have a story please send it to

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