What We Do

Knowledge Unlatched Research is focussed on understanding books and their communities

imageWe are working to help libraries, publishers, intermediaries and policymakers to capture, interpret and share and act on rich data about how Open Access [OA] books are being used. We are also contributing to state-of-the-field knowledge about OA policy and practice for books.

Our projects include:

  • Developing effective tools and strategies for capturing data relating to the uses of OA books;
  • Mapping the digital visibility of OA books in a global context;
  • Creating integrated dashboards to help OA publishers to gather and manage usage data from multiple sources;
  • Exploring challenges of data governance – and likely solutions – for communities involved in making, sharing and using OA books;
  • Contributing to international projects focussed on mapping the OA policy landscape for books;
  • Collaborating with platforms and publishers to ensure that the best use is being made of available data about OA books.

The Knowledge Unlatched Research team brings together a unique combination of:

  • Deep knowledge of monograph publishing;
  • First-hand [AH1] experience in the OA monograph space;
  • Access to university-based computing resources (super-computing clusters and data visualisation technologies) and increasing technical capacity;
  • Expertise in law, data governance and open science; and
  • A strong focus commitment to the value of knowledge created by the Humanities and Social Sciences and contained in books.

The expertise of deep publishing and library experience and experience of international development projects are an advantage that few university-based research centres possess. As a not-for-profit organisation with a strong commitment to openness and transparency, we are also much more than a standard publishing industry consultancy. As a result, Knowledge Unlatched Research has succeeded in attracting very high-quality supporters, united by a desire to help to create positive change in global OA knowledge landscapes.

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